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Addap's App

Addap's is an online environment of multiple tabs. Each tab is an infinitely scrollable Board in which you can place as many windows as you like. Each window functions as an independent browsing session that you can move, resize, pin and more.

While navigating with your selected favourite web search engine, or through Addap’s Quick-Link shortcuts, you can fill the Board with various windows web sessions such as Websites, Apps, Media Players (Movies, TVs, Radio), Photos, Files and more, all active and visible simultaneously.

Once you completed your Board creation you can save it to your library in order to use it again. In one click you will find your Board with all windows in the exact state and position as when you saved it.

You can even open multiple Boards at the same time. You can switch from one Board to another thanks to the Tabulation under the Addap’s Top Bar.

And much more, you can also share a Board with your friends or make it public to the Addap’s community.

Composing your online environment with Addap’s is creative and fun. Addap’s helps you to structure and improve your web browsing habits. With Addap’s you gain time and efficiency.

Finally, Addap’s Blockchain features, coming soon, will enable you to use best in class latest technology and to gain from its advantages.

Main features

Search & Compose

Search and compose your dynamic multi-web content
Websites, Apps, Media Player, Files..
Visible & Active simultaneously on your scrollable Board

Save & Open

Save and open your Board environments in one click from any computer or mobile

Comment, Share & Exchange

Social with others your browsing experiences from web content to Board environments

Main Strengths

Powerful Tools

Flexible tools allowing you to obtain your optimal multi web Board environments in a matter of seconds


Just use your imagination and common sense
to optimize your Boards, so it looks exactly as you wish to

Easy & Intuitive

You do not need to change your web navigation habits
we designed our tools and platform to adapt them to you


Observe how your productivity increases
associating multiple screening, 360° web-search, Quotes…

Shared Experience

Contribute and improve your browsing knowledge
while interacting with others

The press talk about us

Over 15.000 subscribers